A Crazy Anxious Life

Hi, I’m Matt and I’m….nuts,  crazy, whatever you want to call it, but I have anxiety.  Kinda felt  like I just opened with an AA greeting, huh?  It seems as though people love to read of the trials and tribulations of others and I have a lot to say (just ask my Wife). I’ve dealt with anxiety pretty much my entire adult life – I don’t quite remember a time when I wasn’t anxious. This Blog will follow me on this adventure that is my crazy life.  I am  the youngest of five kids,  the younger the kid the louder the voice, right?  As my mother would say “never a dull  moment in this family.”  I am married to a very patient, understanding  woman who deals with, as she would put it, my “crazy ass” everyday.  I am so lucky I found her because I don’t think anyone else would have put up  with my craziness this long.  We just had a little baby girl three  months ago, so add that to an already crazy anxious life, and the stories just  keep getting better.  This blog will follow a man and his wife on a  crazy anxious adventure.